Welcome to Old Asia Hands

“The Old Asia Hands Society is a US based, informal international social group of various nationalities, historically bankers, retired and otherwise, who either currently reside, or have resided in Asia, or had significant business experience with, and within the region. It is an organization of men and women who retain an abiding interest in the political, economic and cultural affairs of the countries that define greater Asia.

Our mission is to provide a virtual clubhouse to facilitate a forum for communication among individuals, primarily from within the broadly defined world of finance, who want to stay in touch, and which contact is supplemented with physical gatherings that facilitate and enhance further interaction among members.”

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Coming Events

Old Asia Hands Special Luncheon with Guest Speaker Donald P. Gregg at Shinbashi Restaurant

Date: June 7, 2017

Wednesday, June 7, 12:00 noon.
Shinbashi Restaurant, 7 East 48th Street in Mid-town Manhattan (between 5th and Madison).   Tel. 212.813.1009
Price:  $40.00 per person, including tax and tip. Cash bar.
Guests: Most welcome, although please no more than one couple per Hand, in addition to your Significant Other.

Old Asia Hands San Francisco Luncheon with Guest Speaker Andy Rothman at Osha Thai Restaurant

Date: June 15, 2017

Thursday, June 15, 12:00 noon.

Osha Thai Restaurant, 311 Third St., San Francisco.   Tel. (415) 896 - 6742.

Price:  $65.00 per person, including tax and tip. Cash bar.

Guests: Most welcome