Fall Luncheon, Jimmy Sung’s Restaurant, 2004

Date: November 12, 2004
Chair: Jim Whitely
Location: Jimmy Sung's Restaurant, NYC

"NOSTALGIA! That's what our Society is all about.

Was Hong Kong---or Shanghai, or Singapore, or Tokyo, or Manila, or KL---so much more wonderful and exotic and exciting two or three decades ago, or was it merely that we were all two or three decades younger when we were there?

Back when Asia Hands were Asia Hands, but not yet OLD Asia Hands---and decades earlier than any of us here can remember---the picture post card was a major means of international communication.

I can think of nothing more evocative of what it was like THEN than a collection of these fascinating reminders of what Asia was in the old, old days."

So said Bill Smith's description of the collection of postcards and photographs---some going back to the early 1900s---that he brought along for the enjoyment of the 30 Hands who showed up for the November 12th NYC OAH luncheon.

Hands were also treated to five courses of Jimmy's Sung's fine Chinese cuisine as well as remarks on the current situation in southeast Asia from Phil Sherman, who was just back from Singapore for a brief visit. (Of course, we'd like to think he came only for the luncheon!)

As for housekeeping matters, Jim Whitely noted that we no longer seem to have access to corporate dining rooms to host our luncheons, however the price at Jimmy Sung's is actually cheaper. Plus, the ambiance is actually Oriental. Hands raised their hands very much in favor of the new venue.

Jim Whitely also read messages from Hands who had to regret, and gave out brochures on the OAH Scholarship Fund that supports the UW- Pacific Rim Bankers Program.

As always, the spirit of camaraderie was palpable, and Hands look forward to our annual dinner in February.

Rick Wheeler