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Past Events

OAH Annual Dinner February 27, 2020 in Manhattan
Fall 2019 Annual Luncheon
CANCELLED: Special Luncheon with Peter Church
OAH Luncheon June 6, 2019, in Midtown Manhattan
OAH San Francisco Luncheon May 3rd
OAH Annual Dinner February 28, 2019, at Darbar Grill
Special Luncheon with Brian McCarthy December 4th at noon
2018 Annual Fall Luncheon with Sandeep Chakravorty
Head of Hirshhorn Museum OAH Special Luncheon June 6th Midtown Manhattan
Luncheon with Peter Church March 22 in Manhattan
Annual Winter Dinner Thursday March 1, 2018 – Bann Korean Restaurant, midtown Manhattan
Andrea Legnani Luncheon Thursday November 16 in midtown Manhattan
POSTPONED: Annual Fall Luncheon Thursday October 26, 2017
Old Asia Hands San Francisco Luncheon with Guest Speaker Andy Rothman at Osha Thai Restaurant
Old Asia Hands Special Luncheon with Guest Speaker Donald P. Gregg at Shinbashi Restaurant
Old Asia Hands 2017 Annual Dinner
Old Asia Hands Annual Fall Luncheon on October 27, 2016
Annual Winter Dinner at Manhattan’s Shimbashi Restaurant
Old Asia Hands Fall Luncheon, Thursday, October 29, 2015 at Noon‏
Hold the Date for OAH Winter Dinner on Thursday February 26, 2015.
Old Asia Hands Annual Luncheon, Friday, October 31, New York City. Noon
OAH Annual Dinner, Thursday, February 27, New York City
Fall Luncheon, Shinbashi, 2013
Annual Dinner, Jewel of India Restaurant, 2009
Fall Luncheon, Woo Chon, 2008
Annual Dinner, Jewel of India Restaurant, 2008
Fall Luncheon, Jewel of India Restaurant, 2007
Annual Dinner, Jewel of India Restaurant, 2007
Fall Luncheon, Woo Chon, 2006
OAHS West Spring Dinner, Porterhouse Bistro, 2006
Winter Dinner, Sichuan Palace, 2006
Fall Luncheon, Shaan Restaurant, 2005
OAHS West Spring Luncheon, Empress of China, 2005
Annual Dinner, Shaan Restaurant, 2005
Fall Luncheon, Jimmy Sung’s Restaurant, 2004
OAHS West Spring Dinner, Mandarin Chateau, 2004
Annual Dinner, Shaan Restaurant, 2004
Fall Luncheon, J. P. Morgan Chase, 2003
OAHS West New Year Dinner, Yong Su San Korean Restaurant, 2003
Annual Dinner, Jimmy Sung’s Restaurant, 2003
Fall Luncheon, J. P. Morgan Chase, 2002
OAHS West Spring Dinner, Empress of China, 2002
Annual Dinner, Jimmy Sung’s, 2002
Spring Luncheon, Japan Society, 2001
OAHS West Winter Dinner Meeting, Chinatown Restaurant, 2001
Annual Dinner, Jimmy Sung’s Restaurant, 2001
Spring Luncheon, Citigroup Center, 2000
Empire Korea, 1999
Shaan Restaurant, 1998
Golden Unicorn, 1997
Shaan Restaurant, 1996
Shaan Restaurant, 1995
Penninsula Hotel, 1994
Peking Park, 1993
Peking Park, 1992
Thai House Cafe, 1991
Darbar’s Restaurant, 1990
Shinwa Restaurant, 1989
Nusantara, 1988
Manila Restaurant, 1987
Bangkok House, 1986
Gah Yon, 1985
Bombay Palace, 1984
Uncle Tang, 1983
The Asia Society, 1982
Ramayan Restaurant, 1981
Nippon Club, 1980
Philippine Center, 1979