Annual Dinner, Shaan Restaurant, 2004

Date: February 27, 2004
Chair: David Anderson
Treasurer: Jim Whitely
Location: Shaan Restaurant, NYC

About 40 members and guests attended the annual New York dinner at Shaan
restaurant. The evening was filled with lively and loud conversation.

Jim Cullen spoke about the OAH scholarship at the Pacific Rim Bankers Program at the University of Washington Business School to which several members hve contributed. Those wishing to support this program financially can contact Jim or the school directly.

David Anderson made the following points:

  1. Our modified website is up and running thanks to the continued efforts of Bob Sharp. Those who have paid their dues can obtain a User ID and Password for access to the Membership Directory, Nomination form and Members Forum.
  2. PayPal is not working yet and Joanna Peters volunteered to work on a fix.
  3. Membership rules have been changed from the 20 year eligibility rule to 10 years effective immediately. This reflects the desire to tap into a younger group of candidates.

During the evening, several members said they would also be attending the West coast dinner - coining the tag of bicoastal members. Also, it was suggested that members would appreciate knowing further in advance about the dates for the annual lunch and dinner. The discussion resulted with the agreement the New York dinner be fixed on the last Friday in February and the New York lunch be fixed on the last Friday in September. This can be modified slightly to accommodate a speaker's schedule or other conflict.