OAHS West New Year Dinner, Yong Su San Korean Restaurant, 2003

Date: March 18, 2003
Chair: Bob Sharp
Location: Yong Su San Korean Restaurant, Los Angeles

A good time was had by all, recalling with nostalgia our salad days in Asia.

"Kit and I are still dazed by the crowd, by the food, and by the overall success of the evening. Thank you for organizing it. The two of us certainly had a great time, renewing friendships, meeting some new (yet legendary) names from the "good old days", and of course, hearing and sharing experiences in Asia. The OAH is a remarkable collection of interesting people."
...Rob Stebbins, Union Bank of California

Geoffrey Abbott - Amex Karachi 1966
George Baker - FNCB Singapore 1970
Mark Buchman - Manufacturers Hanover Tokyo 1972
Mike & Susanne Hollis - Amex Taiwan 1977
Bob Hudspeth - FNCB Manila 1967
Keith & Juliane Kaneko - MHT Tokyo 1971
Pete Knudson - Comerica travel
Bob Oehler - FNCB Manila 1967
David Proctor - Security Pacific Tokyo 1979
Jim Rooney - FNCB Hong Kong 1967
Bill Serumgard - FNCB Manila 1967
Bob Sharp - MHT Manila 1971
Jamie Shoch - Girard Bank Singapore 1974
Gerry Smallwood - Chartered Bank Penang 1953
Bob & Kit Stebbins - Security Pacific Manila 1974
Robert Wilcox - FNCB Manila 1967
Eldridge Wood - PICA Tokyo 1979
Michael Wood - Woody's son

(thanks to newly inducted Hand Rob Oehler for taking the pictures)